​Electric Girls was founded in 2015 by Flor Serna and Maya Ramos. During their time at Loyola University, the two found that there was a shortage of women in science and engineering programs. Electric Girls was created to develop leadership skills in young girls by teaching them electronics and computer programming skills. Our first summer camp consisted of just 6 girls. We credit our growth to the high quality of our youth-centered programming.


​ Electric Girls uses STEM to create confident, powerful, and successful leaders.

Core Values


Electric Girls develops girls, ages 5-14, into confident leaders and role models in technology by facilitating all-girls groups in the form of summer camps, after-school programs, in-school programs, one-day workshops, and continuous weekend programs. We've worked with thousands of girls in New Orleans since our founding in 2015.

Electric Girls programs help girls build fundamental STEM skills, like electronics, computer programming, robotics, woodworking, and more, and then give girls the space, resources, and guidance to implement these skills into their own self-directed projects and inventions that they design, build, and take home.

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